Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Q&E Kaizen 4/11/10: Ending discord in my garage

Before: Electrical plugs in a garage outlet would fall out with the slightest of pulling and it always happened when I was on the opposite end of the extension cord.   I estimate this running to plug back in the cord over and over wasted about 15 minutes/year.

After:  I replaced the outlet because I found that the problem was with a broken plastic section under the ground pin.

  • Saved 15 minutes a year
  • Less frustration
  • Improved safety
What did I wait so long??????  Some people say that Kaizen is nothing special and that it is common sense.  If that is true then why are there so many problems that people put up with when a small improvement would make it so much better?   If Kaizen is common sense, why isn't everyone doing it?

What have you improved today?

Dan Lafever, Kaizeneer

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