Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's only natural...

Some people resist change no matter how small. At my work, someone recently relayed a conversation to me between two employees. Apparently, one worker apparently made the following statement to the other:

"Why do we have to improve things all the time?"

That's a good question. Why should we strive to improve things like saving money, eliminating wasted time, simplifying tasks, and reduce waiting time? Shouldn't we be satisfied with horse and buggy, whale oil lamps, wood burning stoves, and whiskey for anesthesia?

It's hard to believe a highly intelligent person would make such a silly statement. Even animals will improve their processes. Take a look at these kaizening critters...

This animal behavior goes to show that kaizen is an organic process. At least, if you use the higher parts of your brain.

Dan Lafever

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