Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Great Household Purge update 8/27/08

This Kaizen is slowly transforming our home to a leaner and better place for everyone. Here's my latest stats:

Cash generated by selling unneeded items: $1520
Cash recovered: $71.00 (found 2 unused gift cards)

Items donated to date:

1995 Mercury Sable and auto supplies
Two bags of clothes
Several pairs of old shoes
800+ new, unused greeting cards and envelopes of all types

New stuff: Gave an old computer to my relatives and the other PC was donated.

Several computer accessories and bags, blank paper, unused keyboards, old laptops, etc.

Wow moment due to "kaizening" in our home:

We can see the back wall around our furnace once again. Also, our purging helped us discover a leaky pipe. For some time, we thought the leak was coming from the outside but our purging helped us locate it.

Possession arrow this week:
Net reduction in household waste and inventory.

Here's to murdering the muda(waste)!
Dan Lafever

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