Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Great Household Purge update 8/9/08

This Kaizen is slowly transforming our home to a leaner and better place for everyone. Here's my latest stats:

Cash generated by selling unneeded items: $1520
  • Sold an old car, fridge, and non-working lawn index
Cash recovered: $61.00
  • Found $61.00 in a money bag that I had completely forgotten about.

Items donated to date:

  • 1995 Mercury Sable
  • Two bags of clothes
  • Several pairs of old shoes
  • 300+ new, unused greeting cards of all types
  • Several auto supplies for the Sable

Wow moment due to "kaizening" in our home:

  • My wife was stunned and amazed when I was able to locate some of our old records in seconds.
  • I was able to locate things that she was not and that shocked me since my wife has been the uber organizer...I say that with the utmost respect dear.

Possession arrow this week:

Net reduction in household waste and inventory.

I'll try to get some pictures out soon. Here's to murdering the muda!

Dan Lafever


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