Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Improving my son's morning routine.

Backpack, pack lunch, put on socks and shoes, eat breakfast, devotional, the walk to the bus. This is the order of my son's morning routine. However, finding his shoes is a big problem.

  • His shoes can be anywhere in the house.
  • He never puts them in the same place twice.
  • When he can't locate his shoes, his morning routine goes in a tailspin.
  • He gets upset when he loses them.
  • I get mad when he can't find his shoes.
The elegant improvement solution(and cheap I might add):

I simply made a cardboard cutout of his shoes and labeled it "Chip's shoes home position" and placed it next to where he puts his backpack at night. Chip knows where he is to put his shoes before going to bed:


  • He can find his shoes much easier
  • Little by little, he is placing his shoes in the home position every time.
  • His morning routine is better.
  • He and I are happier because the stress of locating his shoes is gone.
Dan Lafever, Kaizeneer
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