Thursday, August 23, 2007

Improving my mileage

I always get the hand me down car and my wife and daughter get the nice cars. So, in order to improve my mpg on my 1998 Plymouth Voyager, the lowest mileage car I own, I started using various hypermiling techniques(google it) hoping for some good results. Here's how's it's improved so far.

With city and highway driving, my onboard computer says that I'm getting 20.9 mpg.
The revised EPA ratings for my van are 16 city/18 combined/22 highway.
So, 20.9 is almost 3 mpg greater than 18mpg combined ratings.
Back in March, I was getting 17.5 mpg.
See for your car.
Seems to be working so far! At $2.99/gal, every bit helps.

Here's my criteria:

Anectdotely, I believe I'm at 50% city/50% highway driving.
My daily commute is about 45% highway/55% city.
I should start collecting data.
What I have learned:

Use my brakes as little as possible.
I find myself timing to make stoplights and avoid stopping.
Each gallon of gas weighs 6 pounds each.
I have been filling up half way(10 gallons) and reducing weight 60 pounds.
Less fuel to carry means less weight to move.
Hopefully, I'll bump up the meter to 21mpg today. I'm wondering if the winter vs. summer blends of gas could have anything to do with this improvements?

My next task:

Reduce the weight
Increase tire pressure

Dan Lafever, Kaizeneer

Thanks for reading my blog.

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