Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Improving the laundry little by little

I hate laundry. With 6 people, there is always loads of clothes to was and dry. I have never liked the piles or the mess on the floor. So I got to work making the laundry process better...especially if I am going to help out! My wife has been doing most of the laundry work so it's time for me to pitch in!

The first area to improve is the post dryer processing-where the clean laundry goes...


It was messy.

It was unorganized.

It was hard to tell what basket belonged to what child.

Baskets were far away taking more time to put clothes in them.

Variation among laundry containers...

My wife has done a great job over the years...it's those children!!!

The elegant solution: A vertical storage system with labeled uniform baskets.

Baskets are stacked vertically increasing floor space.

Each child has a labled basket with a home position.

Younger children's baskets are closer to the floor while older ones are higher.

Both ends of the baskets are labeled so you can always tell where it goes.

Baskets are closer to the dryer and take less time to reach.

Chip's basket

You get the idea.

Cost: Free because the shelves were discarded from a local grocery store. I already had the baskets and everything fit together.

Time: It took about and hour to move, organize, and label everything.

I am really happy at the way it turned out. Now, I have to train the kids on how to use the new system. Stay tuned for more updates!

Dan Lafever, Kaizeneer

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