Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Red beans and Rice

My wife Deena is a natural improver being raised on a farm. After all, she knows all kinds of tricks in the kitchen that make things easier and more ecomonical. Here's a kaizen recipe she came up with:

Take one box of

and add two cups of water and

then cook according to the directions and you get double helping of Red Beans and Rice.

Here summary of the improvement is as follows:
  • This recipe cuts the sodium per serving in half.
  • It cost an additional 22 cents versus buying another box of red beans and rice.
  • It feeds our family of six.
  • It reduces the waste of having two left over packages of red beans and rice.

We have adding our own basic ingredients stretches these kinds of mixes and made them healthier and cheaper. Based on our current consumption with all four kids, I estimate that this improvement saves us about $40 a year.

Feel free to share your own kitchen kaizen!

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