Monday, July 21, 2008

Kaizen for the Help Desk Institute(HDI)

In my goal to "kaizen" my career, I submitted two speaker proposals to the help desk institute for their annual conference in 2009. One of those proposals is called the "Kaizen way" on how to put kaizen into practice in a call center/help desk. I spoke last year in Dallas at the conference on migrating to IP telephony and I am very proud of the feedback scores from the attendees. It is my goal to use my God given talents to help others! BTW, HDI has been a great boon to my career and I highly recommend it to other IT support professionals.

When I submitted my proposals, I got no response from the mailbox where they were to be sent so I wondered if anything made it there. I re-sent them 3 times and until I received an email from the program director I wasn't sure if they had made it. Today's kaizen was to suggest a confirmation email be sent after a speaker proposal is submitted so that speakers wouldn't go through the same waste of time that I experienced. I forwarded my idea and here's what I received back:

Hi, Dan,

The webmaster has assured me that he will add this notification capability going forward. Not a great help to you, but to others! Thanks for the idea.


It just goes to show that any process and even one you don't own can be improved. You're welcome HDI!

Dan Lafever

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