Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Goat milk fudge

Thanks for the break! What a busy summer...

Just returned from my summer camp I invented five years ago for fathers and sons called "Dads camp". This year we rented a new camp site called "The Vine"( and we had a wonderful blessed time with the amazing Powell family. Part of the activities at the Vine included goat milking and making home made ice cream and fudge with the family-it was awesome. All of us at the camp give Chris, Kari, Emma, Kora, and Jacob the Dad's camp official seal of approval.

I noticed when Emma, Kora, or Kari was milking their goat(named Brooklyn), Brooklyn whacked the milk pail(not kick the bucket) with one leg when she was irritated because her chow was runing low. Emma would stop, go across the stall and grab more grain, throw it in the feeding trough,and then come back to resume miking. My Kaizen idea was to move the feed closer to the milking platform so that whoever was milking would improve their efficiency by reducing the time spent getting up and walking to adding more goat grub. With the food right next to the milking platform they could get to it faster as well as the added benefit of improved goat satisfaction. An even more interesting idea would be creating a way that when the goats stand on the milking platform that the animals weight would somehow trigger a device so that their food would automatically drop into the trough!

I would also like to thank the Powell family for the wonderful blessing from God that they were. We are so grateful for the Vine ministry and we hope to work with them in the future.

Dan Lafever

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