Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kid Kaizen - my son Jacob's improvement

My son Jacob is 15 and he is a very busy boy. He has school, swimming, speech team, volunteer work, a job the library, and he is a member of the Indianapolis Children's choir(ICC). I am very proud of him and all he does but keeping up with his activities can be a challenge. So, here is his Kaizen to help his mother and I to keep up to date with his activities:

1) He put up and created his own bulletin board.
2) The upper left hand corner is the ICC concert detail sheet that is always his next performance. After the performance, he takes that one down and rotates his next detail sheet to the left so that we only have to look at the sheet in the upder left corner.
3) If he has more than one detail sheet, he posts them left to right in chronological order.
4) On the bottom of the board, he has his speech team phone list, his ICC phone list, and other references.

Before: All Jacob's papaers were stacked on top of each other and it was ime consuming sorting throught them getting the information we needed.

After: Jacob's Kaizen is very helpful. We just consult his board and withing seconds we know what's going on with his schedule with ICC, which is his busiest activity. It's improved our ability to know quickly where the next ICC gig is and can find his speech teammates numbers very quickly. This has reduced our stress, made it easier to get information, and helped us manage our kids...and we need all the help we can get.

Dan Lafever

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