Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I bay-leaf in Kaizen

What were these guys thinking?

If you have ever used a bay leaf, you know that it adds flavor to soups and stews. The leaves are whole, not ground up...so why did they put on this plastic cap(pictured below)? I had to laugh because the packaging designer obviously never spent any time cooking with a bay leaf.

Well, my kaizen is to remove the plastic lid, put it in the recycle bin, and move on. Now, I don't have to remove the lid, take the leaves out, and put it back on.
They should have left the lid off and save the expense-definitely one of the seven wastes here.

Before: Couldn't get bay leaves out of jar, had to remove lid, wasted time replacing lid
After: Easy access to bay leaves to add for a tasty stew.

Dan Lafever

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