Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Q&E Kaizen - 9/2/2010 - wait for the yellow light

Quick and Easy Kaizens - ideas to reduce waste, save money, eliminate problems, and improve quality of life in small ways.

Before: I would fill up at a local gas station and then when leaving I'd have to wait and idle my engine at the street for the light to change.  The closet exit from the gas station is onto a very busy street with a stoplight so sometimes I'd wait 3-4 minutes for enough cars to line up to change the traffic signal.

After: I'd pull into the gas station and position my car to fill up so I could see the stoplight from where my vehicle was sitting.  Since the car was off anyway, once I topped off the tank I sit and wait until I see the yellow light for the street.  At the yellow, I start my car and pull up to the intersection which is now a green light for me and go without sitting idle. 

  • Reduce gas waste from sitting idle at red light
  • Reduced brake wear from braking the engine
  • Smoother exit from gas station
What have you improved today?

Dan Lafever, Kaizener

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