Thursday, February 11, 2010

ASQ meeting review where I presented...

I was contacted by the Lafayette ASQ Section 0917 to present about my "Kaizeneering" and how we use Lean at home. Here is the review from that meeting from the January 2010 newsletter:

December Meeting Recap - if you did not attend

You missed a really good time! Dan Lafever (a.k.a "The Kaizeneer") proved to be an excellent speaker who used an extremely entertaining approach. He challenged us to use principles of Kaizen and continuous improvement in our daily lives. Dan shared success stories from simple reminder signs to cost savings ideas that amounted to thousands of dollars saved by his household! Of the 36 people in attendance, 33 provided program feedback. The overall score was 4.78 of a possible 5. One person commented that this was one of our best programs in several years. Another "It challenged me to take another look at the mundane tasks at work." Still another commented "powerful tools at work, what a great idea to use them at home also!"

You can read the entire recap at and look under Newsletters.

Thank you for letting me present at your spouses night-it was great fun!

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