Monday, November 10, 2008

The Great Household Purge update - 11/8/08

We started our journey of purging the waste, or muda(Japanese word for waste) in July. Our household didn't become bogged down with junk in a day and it will take months to complete the process. However, there have been some really cool things happen as a result. Here's some of my latest stats:

-$1780 cash recovered from selling unused stuff

-$71 in cash and unused gift cards found during purging.

-Over 800 hundred items donated to charity

-A vehicle donated to a family of a cancer victim.

-At least 100 square feet of storage space recovered.

Last month, I took more stuff to a garage sale to raise money for a needy family which was encouraging. My biggest challenge today is that the pace of our purging has slowed down quite a bit as the school year has picked up. So many other things seem to be getting in my way with the onset of winter but I hope to get back to purging. I want to do a "pre-Christmas" purge because will will be buying gifts and bringing holiday decorations and food in for the season. I must keep the possession arrow pointing outward meaning that more things are going out than in.

If anyone has any great ideas for reducing your stuff over the holidays, email me at me new address:

Dan Lafever, Kaizeneer

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