Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Great Household Purge update 9/09/08

We are about 8 weeks into the great household purge. I am amazed at the impressive amount of junk that we have accumulated over the years. Or should I say, the amount of junk that we have accumulated over the years is oppressive because we are just getting started in this lengthy and time consuming process. However, we are seeing many initial positive results that keep us motivated and focused on continuing this process. Just as a recap, here are some stats on what has been recovered from the purge:

  • $1520 cash recovered from selling unused stuff
  • $71 in cash and unused gift cards found during purging.
  • Over 800 hundred items donated to charity
  • At least 100 square feet of storage space recovered.

This week's ah-ha moment came when I found several pieces of old scrap metal including a heavy plate of bronze, several pieces of brass, copper, and other metals that had been left by the previous owner of the house. These should bring some cash at the scrap dealer which will improve the overall funds recovered. In a way, I look at this as our "salary" that we are earning as we do this job.

Also, I am starting to think about the things I own in a different way. The question now is not "how much do I have" but instead "how much do I really need?". It's an interesting question that I will explore in future entries. But for today, I am enjoying the sweet success of decluttering and enjoying a more simple life.

Dan Lafever


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