Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The best dental hygenist ever...again

As I mentioned yesterday, Amy at the dentist office was helping me improve my dental care. She recommended a number of products that I was not familiar with and gave me a list of things to purchase for better care. Her next improvement is to create a notebook so she could show patients what the product labeling looked like to find the exact product! If you don't know what you are looking for, the choices of dental products can be overwhelming at the supermarket. Amy definitely has making things better in her blood and as her patient, I really benefitted from her kaizen approach.

The coolest story about Amy though is when I first switched to Dr. Goldsmith's office from my old dentist. I came in for my appointment and noticed a younger woman escorting an older lady to her car. It was apparent that the young woman was concerned and was carefully watching to make sure the elderly woman got safely to her car. I made a mental note and then went and checked into my dentist's office and sat in the waiting room. Two minutes later, the younger lady came into Dr. Goldsmith's office and went into the back. Once they called my name, I went back and saw that she was my new hygenist! I asked her if she was the same person in the parking lot and she said she was. Amy introduced herself and told me that she was concerned that her patient was frail and could easily stumble or fall. Amy took the time to walk her client downstairs, out the the parking lot, and made sure she got to her car without incident.

This care and concern blew me away. Amy's improvement in service to her client was amazing and I an still impressed when I tell this story. In all my years, I have never seen that kind of treatment. Imagine how life would be if everyone improved their service to benefit others. Amy is my kaizeneer of the year!

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